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  • Dupuytrens Contracture - impacting both left and right hands

    From our first appointment I was able to establish a relationship of deep trust with Mr Sharma. His professional skills we evident in his descriptive dialogue as well as his practical explanation of the physical condition of my hands.
    I proceeded to have surgery on my left hand, I was prepared for, and expected the physical challenges, pain controlled by minimal drug use. I still have minor sensations of "pins and needles" sensations in my left little finger, however this finger is almost straightened back to normal. (6 weeks post surgery all scars are closed / sealed)
    I then had the surgery on my right hand, slightly more discomfort, longer use of minimal drugs, 'pins and needles' also present, as yet the straightening of the right little finger is not as complete, but I am presently only 3 weeks post surgery, and there are still open /unsealed scars on my little finger and down into my palm. My right thumb scars are now completely closed and have healed.
    I would highly recommend surgery to correct this debilitating condition. It is not a "pretty" process/ procedure. Be prepared, follow directions, trust in the skills of Mr Sharma.

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