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The journey starts off with the operation being booked in and a date being set after a detailed discussion and agreement with the patient. Indications of starving instructions and when medication should be stopped are provided in great detail in advance. Sometimes a pre-anaesthetic check up is required if there are co-existing medical problems to ensure appropriate treatment is received.

A complete discussion takes place as regards to what type of procedure is being performed, what the benefits and risks are and also when the patient can return to work is discussed, depending on the procedure.

Physiotherapy is also discussed and organised before the operation occurs to ensure that it is started at the correct time to enable the desired outcome.

The journey always starts with an initial consultation which involves an examination and a discussion about the plan of treatment.

The patient is admitted into the Hospital for the treatment or operation after a complete understanding of the procedure and outcomes have been decided. The patients are looked after in a private Hospital with experienced nursing staff.

In all, the journey is done in a manner of complete relaxation and smoothness in order to ensure that the experience is a pleasant one even though one gets an operation.